Electronic Wills and Remote Witnessing

The Illinois Electronic Wills and Remote Witnesses Act was established on July 26, 2021. This act made it possible to create electronic versions of wills, as well as to have both electronic and paper versions witnessed and even notarized remotely over audio/video conference, using Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other similar programs. The establishment of this Act means that more people will have access to attorneys and law firms that can help them with their estate planning needs.

There are many reasons someone might not be able to physically go to a law office. For example, if someone is located in an area where there are no law offices nearby that deal with estate planning, they may benefit from being able to have their estate planning documents drawn up electronically and/or witnessed remotely. This can also benefit people who have mobility issues or difficulties finding transportation. Now, all that is needed is an internet connection and a computer.

If you are interested in an electronic will or have questions about remote witnessing and notarization, we want to help. Please contact us by phone at (309) 790-7003, or you can use the “book now” function on our website to schedule a free in person, telephone, or virtual consultation.

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