Gold Star Fee Policy


James D. Greenwood, founder of Greenwood Law, LLC, is a US Navy Veteran. His family has borne the costs of the wars of the United States and its Allies for generations. As such, Mr. Greenwood has directed all employees of Greenwood Law to utilize the following guidelines when providing legal services for Gold Star Family. 


Attorneys at Greenwood Law may use their discretion and waive attorney fees where they determine appropriate subject to the following additional guidelines, costs remain the responsibility of our clients. 

1. Fees may be waived for the following Gold Star family members: (a) Spouse of Deceased Service Member, (b) Child of Deceased Service member under 25 years old. 

2. Gold Star family members are defined as those persons authorized to wear the Gold Star Lapel Pin under 10 USC § 1126 as effective January 1, 2021. 

3. The date of death for the deceased service member must be within the 20 years of the engagement for legal services. 

4. Attorneys working under this policy are not required to apply any special considerations when choosing which cases to accept or when determining if continued representation is appropriate. An attorney is not required to accept any case that he or she determines is not well suited for representation by the Firm. Attorneys are discouraged from taking cases where the locus of concern or Court of competent jurisdiction is greater than 10 miles from the nearest office of Greenwood Law. 

This policy does not establish any attorney/client relationship with any party. If attorneys or staff have questions or wish to request an exception to policy authorization must be obtained from James D. Greenwood.

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